The Best Xmas Alternatives – Laser Time #307

Pop cultures has no shortage of non denominational fictional Holiday celebrations, so specials guests Diana Goodman and AJ Glasser join Chris and Dave in their effort to mine classic TV and movies for the very bestest Christmas alternatives in the… Read more

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See How Big a Deal Network TV Was Thirty Years Ago

Before we had unlimited access to a hundred billion channels and streaming options, the big three networks had a literal monopoly. So when September rolled around, you better believe NBC, CBS and ABC pulled out all the stops and treated their… Read more

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Laser List: 5 Crazy, Unsuccessful TV Pilots

Not every pilot can grab viewers’ attention like Lost of Breaking Bad. Sometimes they fail right out of the gate. Here are five that were just too a bit too bizarre to exist.

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Agent Carter “Snafu” Review

Well damn, that was an intense episode — one where the buildup was at an all time high. And man, it’s hard not to immediately touch on Dooley’s awesome scene. [Spoilers follow.]

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Laser Time – TV Sharty

Terrible sitcoms, guilty TV pleasures, and an excruciating look at the upcoming season of broadcast horror…

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